Update on Water Container Policy

Over the past week we have received an outpouring of feedback on our decision to prohibit bringing Camelbaks into the festival. We hear you, and we fully acknowledge your concerns.

Unfortunately due to legitimate safety issues surrounding Camelbak use, our decision is not one we can compromise on. At the same time, we’re not willing to compromise on your health. Therefore, we’d like to clarify the extra measures we’ve taken this year to ensure you’re well hydrated at Electric Zoo, and hopefully alleviate some of your concerns.

  • You will be allowed to bring in an empty clear plastic bottle to the festival.
  • We’ve added another high-speed free water station to the festival site, and closer to Main Stage West, for a total of three. There you can grab some water using cups provided, as well as fill any vessel that you may have.
  • One of our sponsors, T-Mobile, will be giving away thousands of clip-on reusable water pouches that you can pick up for use at the water stations.
  • Water and electrolytes will also be available for free at the four medical tents around the festival grounds, as well as the two Help Centers. While we encourage you to take occasional breaks with a walk over to the water stations or these other facilities, there will also be a number of ‘ZooKeepers’ that will be able to provide water and electrolytes to those in the crowd.

Your health and safety has always been and remains our top priority. We hope these measures will put you at ease in regards to hydration at Electric Zoo. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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