Wild Island Survival Kit

Don’t venture off into the wild unprepared! We’ve got just the thing to make sure your voyage to Electric Zoo: Wild Island this Labor Day weekend is as easy as a walk in the park, even though you’ll be deep in our fantastical urban jungle.

Here’s the scoop: Every single one of our animals who purchases tickets to Electric Zoo: Wild Island at our current tier ($229 with $49 down) will receive one of our exclusive Wild Island Survival Kits for free. This is no April Fools’ joke! They’ll be stuffed full of items and tools that you’ll need on your journey to the heart of dance music.

We don’t want you to just survive Wild Island, we want you to thrive. To help bring out your brightest animal self at Electric Zoo, we’re going to make sure you roll into New York City decked out with essentials so you can focus on the important stuff: the music, your friends, and the incredible atmosphere we’ll all be sharing together.

This offer only lasts until Friday, April 29 at MIDNIGHT EST. So hurry, and don’t miss out!

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