Reasons to upgrade to VIP today!

There’s little that can improve your Labor Day Weekend beyond joining us on the Wild Island, that much is clear. Off the top of our head, having your herd with you is one, or maybe making some new friends among the herd. Grabbing that perfect bite from one our many vendors is pretty great too. But without doubt, the best way to take your Electric Zoo: Wild Island experience to the next level is by upgrading to VIP.

Why, you ask? Read on…

Expedited Entry

VIP Animals enjoy the privilege of entering the Wild Island in an expedited fashion! With dedicated lanes, you can breeze through the gates and hit the dancefloor without breaking a sweat (until you start dancing, probably).

Main Stage VIP Lounge

The jewel of the VIP experience is the Main Stage VIP area, where you’ll find ample seating with gorgeous stage views, a liquor bar, air-conditioned restrooms, and more. It’s the place to be, TBH.

Premium Stage Views

NEW to Electric Zoo this year, each stage will feature premium VIP-only viewing areas. No longer are you limited to enjoying the privileges of the VIP experience at the Main Stage! Be close enough to your favorite artists to exchange smiles at the Hilltop Arena, Riverside, and the Sunday School Grove!

Liquor Bars

If you’re looking to get wild (responsibly) and would like to get your drink on, VIP is for you! Head to a VIP full liquor bar and treat yourself to a gin & tonic, vodka soda, or one of the many speciality cocktails. You deserve it.

VIP Bathrooms

Air-conditioned Bathrooms

There are so many great things about festivals. We can’t say that bathrooms are on of those great things – it’s just the nature of the beast really. But fear not, as a VIP Animal, you get access to premium air-conditioned bathroom trailers. It’s luxe, yo!


Please note: this offer is only applicable if you have already purchased a GA pass. After purchasing the upgrade below, you will need to bring either your GA Will-Call receipt or wristband along with your VIP Upgrade e-ticket to the VIP Upgrade window at the box office and it will be swapped for a brand new shiny VIP wristband.

upgrade to VIP

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