An update to our cashless wristband payment system!

Now that your wristbands to Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro are starting to make their way to you, it’s a good time to get up to speed on the updated cashless payment system that will be used at The 6th Boro.

We heard your feedback about EZ Bucks, and this year at Electric Zoo, we’ve totally overhauled the cashless payment system.  

Now, all you have to do is load cash onto your wristband and spend it—in 💵 dollars!

You can purchase food, beverages, alcohol, and merch all over The 6th Boro with your pre-loaded wristband. Simple. Easy. Bada-bing. Bada-boom.

We think this will be a much more convenient system for party animals. This way, you don’t lose money leftover in EZ Bucks, can track your spending, and load your wristband whenever you want!

Wristbands can be loaded here or on the EZoo App, which is coming very, very, very soon!

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