Electric Zoo Reveals Spectacular Stage Designs for The 6th Boro

Ever since Electric Zoo announced plans to transform Randall’s Island Park into The 6th Boro, an urban adventureland inspired by the bright lights and grand spectacle of New York City, party animals all over the world have been eagerly anticipating how the theme will be brought to life through this year’s stage designs.

With Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro less than a month away, we’re very excited to let our animal family in on just what’s in store this year. Check out sneak preview of the designs here.

This year’s main stage—The Elephant’s Roar—brings you face to face with a ginormous, rampaging elephant as it tears through the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Beneath its massive, shimmering tusks, the world’s biggest DJs will drop huge beats to huge crowds. Bigger than King Kong, The Elephant’s Roar might just the most ambitious spectacle Electric Zoo has ever dreamt up!

The Hilltop Arena this year will be going deep, like so deep it’s underground—to The 6th Boro Station. With trains racing by in the background and strobe lights flashing overhead, this stage is an homage to the iconic New York Subway—just without the sketchy parts!

The Riverside Stage is fully submerged this year, turning into an aquatic wonderland named the Undersea Dome. Splash around with colorful fishes in aquamarine, and immerse yourself in the most up-and-coming sounds in electronic music in this one-of-a-kind environment…

Journey to the spooky side of the tracks in The 6th Boro, and you’ll find the 6th Boro Industrial Zone, our very own warehouse district where worldwide techno powerhouse Awakenings will host dark vibes and deep sound all weekend long!

This year, we’ll also be debuting 6 Pointz, a special zone dedicated to local, underground DJs and street art. Watch the world’s best graffiti artists go at it and meet some 6th Boro locals kickin’ it old skool NYC-style. This is a special part of the ‘Boro, so come check it out!

Learn more about the stages in this exclusive interview courtesy of Billboard Dance

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