How to Avoid Cell Phone Theft

Unfortunately, there’s been a rise in cell phone theft at music festivals around the globe. Electric Zoo is no exception. We don’t want you to become a victim of such a crime. Thus, we have a few safety tips for you to take into consideration ahead of the festivities.

  • Whether it’s in your crossbody bag or in your hand, ALWAYS be mindful of where you keep your mobile device.
  • Set a lock screen.
  • “Find My iPhone” for Apple or “Find My Device” for Android is your best friend. Activate these apps in order to track down your phone and call it so you can retrieve it. The apps can also erase your data from the phone in the unfortunate event that it’s truly lost or stolen.
  • Don’t keep your phone or any valuables in your pocket. Doing so is like an open invite to thieves.
  • As an option, we offer lockers to safely store your cellphone and other valuables on site! They will also keep your phones charged.

Applying the above mentioned precautions will add to the merriment of your weekend!