EZoo Exclusive Interview: Said The Sky Talks Collabs, Evolution & More

Far from ordinary, standout DJ/producer Said The Sky is one of our favorite artists in the game! Why? He excels in energy and has a signature production style akin to no one. Plus, we praise anyone who’s able to make us dance *and* cry (maybe at the same time?). His performance last year was so awesome that we had to have an encore for this year’s edition of Electric Zoo.

Last week, we had the privilege of chatting with Said The Sky ahead of his return to EZoo this summer.

We admire the fact that you’re not afraid to collab with different artists. You’ve worked with Slander, Illenium, Seven Lions and more. What do you feel like you’ve learned from these various collaborations from an artistic standpoint?

So much! It’s really cool working with other people because it opens your eyes to new things that you might not have tried before. When you’re writing music, a lot of it is just what you can hear in your head – ideas that you have; like, ‘Oh, what would sound good here?’

Everybody’s different. Everybody has different ideas for different scenarios. Seeing other people’s ideas come through like, ‘Oh, I never would have thought of that.’ It can open your eyes to new possibilities in music, which is really cool.

That makes sense. You’re able to learn more about yourself as an artist and what your strengths are.

Yeah, exactly. It helps a lot.

We read that your first introduction to electronic music was trance. Is that true?

Yeah! Trance and progressive house. I had a buddy in middle school who would give me CDs of all this electronic music. I was like, ‘This stuff is really cool.’ I learned that those guys were making entire songs and productions on a computer. That really fascinated me. Growing up, I was always part of marching band or concert band where you play one small part in a large group making music. I liked the idea of having the ability to make decisions for every sound that’s in a song.

So, did you see yourself as a producer or was it a career you stumbled into?

That’s a good question. I knew I was always going to write music. I had no idea on what scale it would be. That could’ve gone from writing for other people or writing strictly for myself and putting stuff up on SoundCloud for the rest of my life. There’s so many different directions and avenues you can take producing music. I definitely didn’t see myself where I’m at today by any means, but I did expect to be writing music.

Got it. You self-released your debut EP, ‘Faith’, in 2014. I’m sure from your own perspective a lot has changed. The theme for Electric Zoo this year is evolution. How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist and in your personal life?

Huge! I hopefully have grown up since then. That was so long ago. There are definitely certain aspects in my life I’m definitely not an adult. (Laughs) I still have so much to learn, but I’ve grown up a little bit. As far as the music goes, I’ve always felt I’ve had a wide range of styles. So, since ‘Faith’ I’ve gone through so many different sounds and styles. I’m really excited because I’m working on some new music at the moment and a lot of the songs I’m working on kind of fit well in one kind of lane – and I love it.