P-EZ Wisdom #2: Mindfulness at Home

Hey EZoo Crew! Are you guys staying safe indoors while self-quarantining? I hope so! I may be known as a party panda, but deep down inside I am a panda full of mindfulness first. These times might be a little stressful for you, and I’m here to help keep you calm as we weather the storm and await Electric Zoo: Supernaturals this Labor Day Weekend. Here are some of my favorite ways to mindfully meditate at home:

1. Silent Meditation. Have you ever practiced meditation at home? It’s not as hard as you think. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Find a comfortable spot to sit. It can be a chair or a meditation pillow. 
    2. Notice what your body is doing. If your back is slumped, keep it straight. You can cross your legs or keep them straight – whatever it takes to make your body relax. Keep your arms parallel to your legs, and relax them. Make sure you are not stiffened or hunched over.
    3. Drop your chin and let your eyes fall gently downward. Stay focused on a single spot in the room. 
    4. Be present. Bring your attention to your breathing – breathe in, breathe out. Let your breathing be the only aspect your mind is focused on.
    5. Don’t let your mind wander. It’s natural for “monkey mind” to happen – a.k.a letting your mind wander. Keep focused on your breathing. Practice observing without a reaction. 
    6. Gently adjust your body if you’re feeling uncomfortable in any way. Notice your emotions. Be present – don’t think about anything from the past or worry about the future. The time is now.
    7. When you’re ready, lift your gaze. Notice any thought you can process. 
    8. Pause. And continue with your day. 

2. Sound Bath Meditation. We’re all music fans here, so I already know it makes an impact on you. Sound bath meditation takes ambient, soothing sounds from instruments like gongs, crystal bowls, and the human voice in order to help shift your brain into a more relaxed state. Sound bathing helps lower your blood pressure, reduce stress & anxiety, and makes you more focused. Utilize the same steps from silent meditation above to prepare your body & mind for relaxation, and press play. There’s plenty of sound bath meditations on YouTube and Soundcloud. Try it out here!

3. Mindful Listening. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone else thinking of what you’re going to say next instead of really listening to what the other person is saying? We are all usually caught up in the chatter of our own minds & not fully present when listening to another person. Next time you find yourself in a conversation with a friend or family member where it’s in person or online, take the time to be fully present in body and mind. Practicing compassionate & mindful listening will help you strengthen bonds while sheltering-in-place.

4. Take a music trip down EZoo Memory Lane. There’s nothing like those fuzzy warm memories of EZoo past to get your mind & body radiating with positive vibes. Check out our Spotify playlists to rediscover previous lineups as well as try to guess who is on this year’s lineup for Electric Zoo: Supernaturals!

Congrats! You’ve successfully become more mindful & relaxed! Remember, we’re all in this together. Light an incense candle & relax. I can’t wait to see you all this Labor Day Weekend with the Supernaturals.