P-EZ Wisdom #4: Partying Virtually

How’s it hanging, EZoo Fam? I hope you all have been mindful and wise by staying in your homes to weather the storm out! I’m here to drop another bit of wisdom for you today as we continue to #SaveTheSummer and reunite this Labor Day Weekend at Electric Zoo: Supernaturals. As my festival family knows best, the music will never die. Music is still going strong even though we are all stuck inside for the time being. Here are just some of my favorite ways to keep the party going virtually:

  1. Catch up on old sets. You know what they say about oldies being goodies? I’ve been having so much fun watching old recaps from past Electric Zoo years and filling my ears up with classic sets from my favorite artists. Going into a YouTube rabbit hole filled with sets is one of the best quarantine activities to do at home.
  2. Set up a virtual dance party with your friends. You can still enjoy your weekend with your friends as you normally would outside of quarantine by bringing the party to your place through a virtual hangout. My friends & I have been having so much fun choosing the same particular live stream to watch at the same time and set up a Zoom Meeting for all of us to have a virtual dance party together! There’s plenty of virtual festivals going around – find one your friend group will like and dance together on your video chats!
  3. Watch your own archive of videos & pictures from past shows. Smartphones have never made making and keeping memories more simple. I am sitting on a pile of archives from last year’s Electric Zoo day sets & after parties. There’s nothing like re-watching some clips from when Eric Prydz dropped by The Brooklyn Mirage last fall to get the emotions out. I don’t know about you, but happy memories from reliving those special NYC nights out always lift me up when I’m feeling blue. Try it yourself!
  4. Catch a live stream. One good thing that has come out from being quarantined is seeing all the live streams, aka quaranstreams, that have been popping up from your favorite artists left and right! Whether you prefer viewing a fresh live stream from Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, you’ll never run out of choices. There’s plenty of past Electric Zoo artists that have played live quaranstreams such as Nora en Pure, Blunts & Blondes, Alison Wonderland, Excision and many more to keep the party going at all hours safe at home. Check them out!
  5. Connect with fellow Electric Zoo family at home. With the help of social media, it is easy to find a new community of festival lovers like you to keep connected and make new friendships. I recommend joining the official Electric Zoo group and Festival Advisor community on Facebook to keep in touch with people that have the love for live music in common with you. Are you a member of an online community? Let me know!

Have fun taking these tips and applying them to your everyday life at home to keep dancing and keep the party going virtually! Remember to stay inside & stay safe. I can’t wait to see you all thie Labor Day Weekend at Electric Zoo: Supernaturals!