P-EZ Wisdom #5: Creating Festival Moments At Home

What’s up, EZoo Fam? It’s P-EZ here live from my living room. Ready for some more drops of wisdom? I know we’ve been doing our part to shelter-in-place so we can #SaveTheSummer over the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that those EZoo vibes can’t be brought home too! There are many ways you can get creative by bringing the festival experience to your homes – here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Ride the “Rail”. Attention railriders! You can still bring back the experience of being the first ones to the rail and ride it through every live set you come across on your TV! Find an old baby or dog gate and place it in front of your TV. A chair can work for this too – it’s time to use your imagination. Congrats! You now have a makeshift rail to headbang through every virtual drop.
  2. Get dressed up in your festival finest. Just because we’re in a quarantine doesn’t mean you have to dress boring every day! Now is the perfect time to show off your festival fashion at home. Put on your sequin kimonos, glitter masks, and tacocat t-shirts to enhance your at-home live stream experiences – it definitely is a mood lifter!
  3. Gloving is allowed at home. Security won’t be taking your gloves away from Quarantine Fest 2020 😉 Practice those crazy gloving moves on your family at home and show us your moves on social media!
  4. #DanceAtHome. Shufflers unite – virtually! Join the #DanceAtHome movement by showing off your shuffle skills with a global festival audience using that hashtag on all of your shuffling and dancing videos on Instagram & TikTok so you can have a virtual dance-off just like you would at EZoo!
  5. Clack that fan! I haven’t forgotten about you, fan clackers. At home, you have the ability to clack your little heart out without disturbing others in the crowd. Turn the music up and keep clacking to that beat.

You’ve now brought the festival experience inside with just 5 steps! Let me know if I forgot anything in the comments. Keep on dancing, EZoo Fam. See you this Labor Day Weekend with the Supernaturals!