Meet Your Host Series: Odyzey Music

Founded in 2020 by French producer, CloZee, Odyzey Music takes listeners on a sonic voyage, exploring a mixture of live and electronic elements. This hybrid is best heard on Muzique, Vol. 1, the CloZee-curated 14-track compilation. If that album is a foregleam of the Odzyey Music stage takeover, then we’re in for a TrEaT! Join us in welcoming CloZee, Mersiv, Inzo, Wreckno, Tripp St., NotLö, Redrum, CANVAS, sumthin sumthin, and Rome In Silver to Electric Zoo 3.0!

Read on to learn more about each artist scheduled to hit the Odyzey Music stage!


Chloé Herry, better known as CloZee, has won our hearts since 2018 with the arrival of her Evasion album. Since then, the French producer has accrued a massive following thanks to her dynamic disposition and equally vibrant producer chops. CloZee’s music takes you on an unforgettable journey unlike any other producer in the scene, using ethereal soundscapes to the tune of symphonic bass bops. Recently, she released the critically-acclaimed Neon Jungle LP in 2020, followed by the six-track EP Nouvelle Era the following year. We know her brilliance and passion will be left on the stage at this year’s EZoo!


When it comes to getting down at EZoo, we know it’s *not* a stellar performance if the fam doesn’t leave ‘beautiful and filthy.’ #IYKYK And that’s where Anderson Benoit Gallegos, a.k.a. Mersiv, comes in. The bass DJ-producer started his musical career in 2015 to engage with listeners through healing energy and plenty of bouncy percussions. Has he achieved it? Yes, especially when you listen to Pretty Dark Loud. It’s a transformative sonic adventure that we know will translate well into his live set – and we’re completely here for it!


Chicago-based Inzo has been a fan of music and a multi-instrumentalist beginning at the age of four. His appreciation for cutting-edge sound has deepened with time and is evident in his meticulous approach to production. Fun fact: Inzo paints a picture in his head when creating music. “Just in my head, I like to visualize a lot of colors to how sounds go. That definitely gives me a certain sound for some reason,” Inzo told Chicago Tribune. As a result, crisp production, melodic tones, and sizzling synths, such as Inzo’s 2017 banger “Visionaries,” has become part of his signature. We’re thrilled to experience the vivid colors Inzo will unveil through his vibrant live set.


Sometimes, you stumble onto something so extraordinary you don’t even know what hits you until it’s too late! This fate was the case for Michigan-raised DJ-producer-rapper Brandon Wisniski, a.k.a. Wreckno. After falling in love with electronic music at 15, he picked up some MIDI gear and started DJing as a hobby, which soon became a side hustle, and, four years later, became a promising career move. Wreckno’s zesty stage presence and boisterous bass-drizzled stylings keep the party going! Regarding his sound, Wreckno told Festival Insider, “My sound is in your face, sassy, queer, genre-bendy bass music. It’s always underlined by bass music, but the great thing about me doing vocals is that I can hop on house tracks, hop on riddim tracks, hop on anything, and always bring my flavor of taste to it.” So, we’re ready to enter ‘fantasy’ land with Wreckno at EZoo!

Tripp St.

Who is Tripp St.? Your guess is as good as ours. The enigmatic DJ-producer unveiled his 2021 debut album Welcome to Tripp St. and the second LP Different Worlds via CloZee’s imprint Odyzey Music and jumpstarted his rise as one of electronic music’s most exciting acts. Tripp St.’s influence stemming from his seasoned background in hip-hop production and studio engineering is peppered throughout his records. In preparation for our bass-drizzled interaction at Tripp St.’s performance, we’ve had his Who is Tripp St. Mix on repeat. It’s a mind-blowing whet-your-appetite mix, and we couldn’t be happier to have the full-on taste at EZoo!

Rome In Silver

If “versatility” had a sound, it would be the tunes produced by Vincenzo Pisciotta, better known as Rome In Silver. Don’t believe us? Just listen to his groovy, melodic house earworm, “Fill Up My Soul.” See! The California-based DJ-producer cites influences from hip-hop, dance, and pop music, using elements from each genre to create a synergetic flow of tracks to present a distinct sonic landscape. When you listen to his EPs such as Like Lightning and Forever Flame, you get a true sense of RIC’s musical identity in all its deep, bass-forward layers.

sumthin sumthin

Selt-taught composer and multi-instrumentalist, sumthin sumthin continues to ‘bloom’ as one of bass music’s most refreshing talents. Born Conrad Woodul, sumthin sumthin pushes boundaries through his unique touch with snappy productions. His ability to go from emotionally-charged dark bangers (“Trauma”) to atmospheric, melodic moments (“Home”) showcases just how brilliant this rising star truly is. There’s beauty in bliss and melancholy, and sumthin sumthin manages to pull on heartstrings while compelling us to dance in one swoop.


Denver-based NotLö’s identity is rooted in community and nurtured by bass. Since her arrival in the electronic music world in 2017, NotLö’s been on a mission to promote inclusivity while delivering dubstep heaters (“Catnip” is our fave). On the philanthropy front, she donated 100% of proceeds from her Evolve EP to the NAACP. In addition, she donated all proceeds from NotLö N’ Friends to RAINN, an organization dedicated to assisting survivors of sexual violence. With cosigns by dance music titans such as Griz and CloZee, we sure as heck don’t want to miss out on NotLö’s inevitably fantastic set!


Rising bass queen Tatiana Tindall, who produces music under the Redrum moniker, was born into her love of music with a father who was a composer, musician, and DJ. Though she loved music, her foremost passion was dance until tragedy struck. At 17, Tindall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was forced to quit dancing due to bone and muscle damage from chemotherapy. However, Tindall took comfort in a new creative platform in music production as Redrum. Her enchanting stage presence and dreamy downtempo fixings will have us swaying and ‘floating’ from euphoria throughout the ‘phases’ of her EZoo set!


Future-forward DJ-producer CANVAS is fueled by contagious passion and tenacity to keep her fans engaged, from an experimental bass soundtrack to a rousing live set. The Atlanta-based artist is the mastermind behind buzzy tracks such as “Call Me Freak” and “Strange Signal,” both of which will take you to another level. CANVAS summarizes her live shows in an EDM Identity interview: “You can expect music from any era. No track is ‘too old’ for me to sample or perform. Why limit expression that way? In that same vein, I don’t stick with my tracks only. I’ll play plenty of my IDs, remixes, and originals but expect music from artists that inspire me and my sound. Artists that make #GutMusic.” We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a proper gut check through all the bass!