Electric Zoo: Presenting Our All New Stages for 3.0

Hey EZoo Fam,


In a galaxy far, far, away…

There’s a planet in another dimension where the music is neverending, vibes are otherworldly, and the people? Well, they make this world even more special.

Welcome to Electric Zoo 3.0, where your imagination can run wild, and the atmosphere is even wilder! This year’s immersive journey consists of multiple stages where YOU are part of the environment.

EZoo 3.0 will be the most immersive outdoor festival experience in New York’s history. Meet our all-new Electric Zoo stages!


As the alluring music and dazzling lights draw you in, you realize you’re no longer in NYC. No, you’ve reached a place far grander: Antheon: The Temple of Anthems.

Using next-level AI and sharp-minded engineers, we’ve crafted Antheon, the main stage where anthems will be played by dance music’s biggest artists. Think of Antheon as EZoo’s magnum opus, an eighth wonder of the world – but with more bass, more ethereal scenery, and more opportunities to get lost in time! STAGE PREVIEW COMING SOON!


As the sun sets and the moon rises, you peruse the planet even more before you stumble into a portal to a different universe: The Landing.

As you connect with fellow party dwellers, you quickly realize you’re as much part of the show as the performing DJ. Never before has EZoo tapped into such a powerful, interactive staging where YOU are surrounded by and fully engulfed in an interstellar visual-audio experience.


As you enter the Levitron, experience the weightlessness of deep space. Both performer and dancer defy gravity floating high above the ground, grooving to otherworldly beats as an array of cosmic visuals soar by. STAGE PREVIEW COMING SOON!


Morphosis is a space for transformation. Like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, dancers elevate their musical tastes as they shift from being EDM enthusiasts to becoming full-fledged house heads.