Wristband Info

Wristband Info

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DO NOT put on your wristband until the day of the festival.

This is very important. Once the wristband is on, you won’t be able to remove it, as it locks instantly.

Only your festival wristband will grant you entrance to Electric Zoo. Have your wristband comfortably on your right wrist upon arrival. You’ll be required to scan your wristband at the entrance to access the grounds.


Activate Your Wristband for Cashless Transactions

We’re stoked to announce that Electric Zoo is switching from top-up cashless payments to the revolutionary cashless system some of you have come to know and love at Brooklyn Mirage!

With Billfold’s cashless payments, simply link a bank or credit card to your festival wristband. You’ll have the freedom to spend as you please without ever worrying about reloading your wristband or requesting a refund on unspent cash – and there are no additional fees! All you pay is the cost of the item + sales tax + optional tip, just like you would with any other payment method.

Say goodbye to long queues and hello to instant transactions at all our vendor stalls, bars, and merch stands!

Here’s How!

  1. Find the 8-character unique identifier (“UID”) printed on the back of the plastic wristband plate in the center of your wristband.
  2. Scan or click the QR code below to create a secure Billfold cashless account.
  3. Input your credit card information, enter UID code, and (optionally) create a pin code to finalize your wristband registration.
  4. Enjoy the festival and the ease of not needing your wallet at all tim​es.

It’s fast, your data is safe, your payments are secure, and you are free to hit the festival with less things in your pockets weighing you down!

Bought multiple tickets?
Please register a new account for each wristband if you want to keep your spending separate.


Keep Your Wristband Safe

Your wristband is your ticket to Electric Zoo: Hyperspace, so keep it in a safe place. On the first day you’re attending, put your wristband on your right wrist. Make it just tight enough that it won’t slip off. Don’t overtighten it – once you slide the lock in place, you won’t be able to loosen it. Lost, stolen, tampered, and/or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced.


Get Ready for an Amazing Experience!

We can’t wait for you to come through the gates and enter Hyperspace with us!


Wristband FAQs

Where's my wristband?

If you ordered your festival passes before the shipping cutoff date, your wristband will be shipped to the address provided during checkout. If you order your festival passes on or later than the shipping cutoff date, you’ll be able to pick up your wristband at the box office Will Call window* near the festival entrance.

If you opted for shipping but your wristband still hasn’t arrived and there are only a few days until the festival, email help@seetickets.us. The friendly staff there can help you get it re-issued for pickup at the box office Will Call window* near the festival entrance.

* The original purchaser must present their credit card used at purchase as well as a government issued ID for Will Call pickup. There is an additional fee for wristband re-issuance. E-tickets are non-transferable.

What company are you using for cashless?

Billfold – billfoldpos.com

What happens with cashless if I lose my wristband or chip?

If you set up a pin code, there is nothing to worry about, but if you’re concerned come to any Guest Services area and we will help you block that wristband so that anyone who finds it can’t use it.

What if I want to pay with cash?

No problem – you do not need a bank card. Simply visit us onsite at the festival wherever you see a “Cashless Top-Up” sign, and with the support of a cashier you can pre-load cash onto your wristband. Load as much as you want onto the wristband then come back at the end of the festival to get refunded on what you don’t use.

Is my card information safe?

You’re protected! Credit card payments via RFID wristbands are PCI-compliant. Your sensitive information is not stored on the wristband itself. It “lives” in a PCI-compliant vault operated by our payment processor, which means it’s not directly accessible to either the festival or Billfold.

I've linked my credit card, but I forgot to opt-in for email receipts and/or I typed the wrong email address

That’s alright! Simply visit Guest Services and re-register your credit card. Remember to opt-in for email receipts and check your spelling.

How does tipping work with this system?

Just like any other point-of-sale system, you’ll select your tip amount on the check out screen before confirming the transaction. Like anywhere else, tips are completely customizable and optional.

Can I use my credit or debit card to load money onto my wristband?

Credit and debit cards can be used only to link your RFID wristband for purchases made throughout the festival. When linking a bank card to the wristband, it is a direct link, and you will pay as you go. There is no specific amount being uploaded and you will only be charged when you make a purchase.

Do I have to activate my wristband before arriving?

Pre-Festival Activation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You will be able to activate your wristband onsite, but to avoid long lines we recommend activating and linking your bank cards online before arrival.

What is the link to activate my wristband & link my debit/credit card?

Click here to register your wristband for a cashless festival experience.

Can I activate my wristband onsite using Apple/Samsung Pay or using cards stored on my mobile phone?

At this time, a physical card is required to complete the wristband activation onsite.

Can I link the same card to more than one wristband?

Yes! If you want to link the same bank card to multiple wristbands, you can do so by adding additional wristbands once you’ve completed the initial cashless registration process with your first wristband.

Is my credit card information on my wristband?

There is no credit card data that is stored on-site or locally on the wristband. All data is stored off-site in a PCI-compliant vault.

How much money should I load on my wristband?

When linking a bank card to the wristband, it is a direct link, and pay as you go. There is no specific amount being uploaded and you will only be charged when you make a purchase. If you are loading cash, you can load as much as you want, and can be refunded any amount you do not use at the end of the festival.

Does my PIN code have to match the PIN code for my credit/debit card?

No. The pin code can be any unique set of four digits. It does not have to be the same pin as your debit/credit card. We suggest using the last four digits of your phone number.

What if I forget the PIN code I chose?

If you forget your pin code, you can repeat the activation process and it will override the previous pin selection. You can do this on your mobile phone via the Billfold Wallet or at any cashless registration stand onsite at the festival.

What if I need to switch the debit/credit card linked to my wristband?

You can change your debit/credit card at any time by logging into your account and updating your debit/credit card details. When onsite, you can visit Guest Services for additional support or any questions you may have.

Do I still need to carry my ID with me?

Admission to Electric Zoo is strictly for ages 18 and over. To purchase and consume alcohol you must be at least 21-years-old.


  • Valid driver’s license from any US state or Canada
  • Valid identification issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (Non-driver ID card)
  • Valid United States military identification
  • Valid passport or visa issued by your country’s government (PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)

How long does my wristband stay active?

Wristbands are only active for the duration of the event and cannot be used in any other event or location.

Is this a secure form of payment?

Yes, it is much safer to use an RFID wristband for payments because of the extra layers of security at check-out. For example, if you lose your physical card, it is much easier for that card to be found and used at any location. There is also no credit card data that is stored on-site or locally on the wristband. All data is stored off-site in a PCI-compliant vault.

Additional security reassurance for our attendees

Two Factor Authorization: All attendees have the ability to pin protect their wristbands and purchases upon account registration. In the event your wristband is lost, pin creation will prevent the use of your wristband for any transactions.

​Active Wristband Management: The system includes dashboard functionality to search for and block specific wristbands from making purchases. This can be utilized if there is suspicion of fraud or an instance where an attendee has lost their wristband and had not elected to pin protect their purchases.

Vaulting: No credit card information is stored locally on the wristband. At no point do we ever have access to your credit or debit card information. The wristband merely acts as a link to a cloud based vault where that information is securely stored, and that link is only activated through our software. If an attendee was to lose their wristband there would be no way to extract any information from the wristband.